Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Future adults

I just read this from There's Just One Mommy, and I almost cried.  I am guilty.  Very guilty.

I am guilty because I expect adult behavior from my kids.  I'll tell ya from experience that that expectation quickly leads to frustration on both our parts because they are kids.

Granted, I am training future adults, and allowing them to indulge in childishness until they are 18 and then suddenly expecting adult behavior would also be wrong.  But we aren't there yet.  Training is the key word. 

I hope my kids will forgive me and let me try again today.


Anonymous said...

Failure to remember this sincere fact is so true in all of us parents. I hope that I look back at this and will remember that she is only a little girl. Thank you for being my "always" grown sis in law. Someone who I can look up to and love to see coming! Keep up the good work... Your boys show LOVE!

AIMA said...

Thanks, Anon!