Saturday, February 11, 2012

Big Kid Books

Thing1 began his first big-kid chapter book Wednesday.  The story was interesting to him, but the biggest challenge was the small print.  When he lost his place, he thought it was impossible to find it without reading it all again.  Something to work on.  One page was enough for the first day, but on the second day he read an entire chapter.  Since Wednesday, he finished the first 10-chapter book and started on a second.

The book was The Mystery of the Laughing Cat, part of a series I enjoyed when I was a kid.  My maiden name is scrawled inside the front cover.  I can't find that particular book on sale now, but I did find a current list of books in the series.  It looks like they have been redone since I collected them.

If he takes to it, a whole new world opens to him!  I have lots of books in this young, fluent-reader category probably because my fondest childhood memories involve this type of reading.  The thrill of having a child realize he can read and love it surpasses every thrill so far in my homeschool adventure.

His summary of the book:

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AMAY said...

Great book review, Thing1!!!! Some of the best moments I have with H is when she is on one end of the couch reading her book and i am on the other end reading my book. Children who love to read are a result of God's grace, a parent's love of reading, and a great teacher. Thing1 is so blessed to have all of these in his life.