Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's to striking a delicate balance between making special memories and stressing out over being Supermom.

Here is peanut butter toast with syrup (standard) with a heart imprint from a cookie cutter (special).

Here are two happy boys.  Turns out toast with a heart imprint tastes better.

What about those Pinterest Valentines?  Nah.  That would be too much like Supermom.  We opted for the half-price, store-bought ones leftover from last year instead (standard).
I cannot imagine the boys being any happier with homemade Valentines than they were with being allowed to write their names on these with a permanent marker (special).  Permanent.  Not washable.  You would think I had granted them a liberty equal to driving the car.

Supermom does not live here, but I think the kids are happy.

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AMAY said...

Happy kids are the definition of a super mom! Supermom is a mythical super hero in spandex, which I would love to see you model. hehehe

AIMA said...

No go on the spandex. There's another good reason to stay away from the Supermom hype. lol.

Ceridwen said...

Haha. You two are funny today.
Very true post.