Thursday, January 24, 2013


I love Story of the World, but I do shy away from building complicated replicas.

In Chapter 12, one project idea was to use tiny dowel rods and a small gift box to build an Egyptian chariot then play like an Egyptian prince is running out the Hyksos. As always, Satori Smiles (hers is pictured below) has an excellent example of the project.

Beautiful. And very realistic.

However, the first question I ask when considering a history project is this: "Can it be done with Legos?" If the answer is "yes," we will attempt the project. And by "we," I mean Thing1.

Thing1's chariot:

When I asked about the guns and lights, his explanation was, "It's like the Egyptians, only cooler. It's a nowadays motor-powered chariot."


Anonymous said...

I like his style!

AMAY said...

Excellent building skills!

Rebekah Sacran said...

Very cool!