Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rules, Fun Reading, and Summer

We have a house rule about what we call fun reading.  It only happens before bedtime and on car rides.  In case you think this is harsh, here is why:  If we did not have this rule, one or two smaller members of our family would never see the sunlight.  Okay, that is not true. But the trampoline would be used more for a reading couch than for bouncing.  I will clarify that I am not talking about all reading, only reading for pure entertainment.

In light of the rule, I have been thinking about this summer when our formal studies have slowed down.  I need some kind of summer reading list.  Right now, during the school year, there is plenty of history and science-related reading to do during the day.  I just have to have books on the appropriate subjects available.

Here is what I want to think about for summertime:

  • Books on subjects that piqued the kids' interest during the school year.
  • Books on subjects that are interesting but that we have not gotten to yet in "school."
  • More challenging fiction.

Again, I am not making a list because I want control.  (Or do I? Muahahahaha!)  It is because I already know which books these same members of the family will choose for fun reading. (Is there an end to The Boxcar Children?)  These smaller family members genuinely enjoy reading books from my lists, but they would not choose them on their own without the rule.

Here is where I ask for help.  Please leave me any suggestions that come to mind!  Thing1 is a 7-year-old avid reader, and Thing2 will be a 5-year-old beginning reader mostly interested in read-aloud material.  I can't wait for suggestions!  Closer to summertime, I will post the list.

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